Hydrother H-1200C


144 x 92 x 42.5 (inches)

366 x 233 x 108 (cm)

Seats 10 - 12 people ( depending on local building codes)

Mechanical Equipment

Standard Single phase mechanical equipment package featuring 3/4 hp circulation pump with strainer basket, 3 hp jet pump with strainer, 15 kw electric heater, 150 sq. ft. cartridge filter, brominator/chlorinator, 2 inline thermometers, flow meter, wall mounted jet pump control timer.Pre-plumbed shell with 9 large jets, 4 medium jets, full sized N.S.F. listed skimmer, water level controller

All Spas sold into the United States of America are compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act


  • 3 phase mechanical equipment package, 208 & 575 Volt
  • Floating cover
  • Locking insulating hardcover
  • 30” sand filter substitution (c/w sand)
  • 36” stainless steel deck mounted handrail c/w anchors
  • AV Alarm
  • Emergency pump stop switch
  • Safety sign
  • Waterline Tile

144" x 92" / 366 x 233 cm

42.5"  108 cm c/w sump

@866 US gallons / 3275 Litres

Weight Full
10143 lbs / 4610 kg

Weight Empty
1000 lbs / 455 kg

10-12 persons (some jurisdictions may reduce spa user capacity)

Special Features
"SELFCLEANING" bottom suction drains, N.S.F. approved skimmer, Safety access steps

Dimenions may differ. Exact measurment should be obtained from purchase unit.

All distribution plumbing is located withing the outer dimentions of the shell with exception of skimmer

Jets are arranged vertically


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